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Statement Regarding the Re-Opening of Internment Camps

The Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce unequivocally condemns the detention of any person coming to this country seeking political asylum. The separation of any child from their family under the guise of “homeland security” is totally un-American and immoral.

All children, regardless if they were born on US soil or in another country, deserve to feel safe every night when they go to sleep. It is horrifying, that at this point of history, children are being held against their will, away from their families, in horrifying conditions and suffering traumas that they will carry all their lives.

It is a moral imperative that we all, as concerned citizens and humans, stand against the systematic destruction of families and the exploitation of children. Incarcerating children should not be a business.

The OLCC calls on all elected officials at every level of government and this current administration to cease incarcerating children and work without rest to reunite those separated from their families. We need to commit resources to ensure that these affected families will receive the care and support they will need to rebuild their lives and their psyches.

Marianela Mendoza
Executive Director
Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce